Playgroups who affiliate with Playgroup SA will receive a copy of The Playgroup Guide, which provides valuable information on all aspects of starting, promoting and running a Playgroup.

This easy-to-use Guide is an important and useful resource for South Australian Playgroups. It features 10 chapters full of Playgroup information and ideas to help get you started, or to successfully run an existing group. Playgroups are guided with solutions to common problems such as: behaviour management, promoting your Playgroup, money matters and how to run a committee, etc.

The Playgroup Guide has lots of ways to create a safe and supportive Playgroup environment. 

If your affiliated Playgroup does not have their copy of The Playgroup Guide, please contact Playgroup SA on Free Call 1800 171 882.

You can read The Playgroup Guide by clicking on the sections below.

All About Playgroups

  • Playgroups are Important
  • Best Practice Playgroups
  • Playgroup Models
  • Baby Playgroups
  • Home Playgroups
  • Starting a Playgroup
  • Starting a New Session
  • Closing Down a Playgroup
  • Checklist

Playgroup SA

  • About Playgroup SA
  • Types of Membership
  • About Membership
  • To Join and Renew
  • Benefits to Members
  • Playgroup Contact Person
  • Checklist

Learning & Developing through Play

  • What is Play?
  • Open-ended Play
  • Indoor Play
  • Outdoor Play
  • Play and the Home Environment
  • Baby Play
  • Toys and Equipment
  • Parent’s Role in Play
  • Recipes
  • Checklist

Friendships and Social Supports

  • Welcoming Families
  • Welcoming Different Cultures
  • Welcoming Families with Disability
  • Understanding Groups
  • Entertainment and Excursions
  • Places to Visit in SA
  • Local Government
  • Checklist

Safe and Supportive Playgroups

  • Safe Playgroups
  • Hunt for Hazards
  • Control Hazards
  • Injury Information
  • First Aid Kit and Standard Fire Orders
  • Emergency Action
  • Safety Resources
  • Playground Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Smoking / SunSmart
  • Checklist

Exchanging Ideas and Sharing Parent Info

  • Parenting at Playgroup
  • Protocol for Guest Speakers
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Biting
  • Child Abuse
  • Referral Agencies and Organisations
  • Checklist

Taking Responsibility and Working Together

  • Getting Everyone Involved
  • Working with Volunteers
  • Keeping Records and Planning
  • Playgroup Policies
  • Duty of Care
  • Legal and Moral Responsibilities
  • Playgroup Insurance Facts
  • Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Checklist

Money Matters

  • Good Practices
  • Treasurer
  • Playgroup Membership Fees
  • Other Income Sources
  • Taxation and GST
  • Fundraising
  • When Money goes Missing
  • Checklist

Promoting Your Playgroup

  • How to Promote Your Playgroup
  • Posters / Pamphlets
  • National Playgroup Week
  • Shopping Centre Displays
  • Getting Publicity
  • Checklist


  • Forming a Committee
  • Committee Positions
  • Effective Committee Meetings
  • Meetings Agendas
  • Taking Minutes
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Committee Handover
  • Incorporations
  • Playgroups as Employers
  • Checklist