Who We Are

Playgroup SA is a non-profit, community-based organisation which is committed to providing quality services to families with young children across South Australia.

With over 2000 family members attending more than 190 playgroups across South Australia, Playgroup SA offers practical, professional advice and support, training and development including additional needs services, broad insurance coverage, play resources and playgroup workshops, among other services.

Playgroup SA is a growing organisation that is run by a Board and has been operating since 1974. As a non-profit organisation, all funds received go directly into the servicing and support of SA Playgroups.

We Value:

  • The importance of play in a child’s development.
  • Parents as primary educators.
  • The interests and welfare of young children and families.
  • Diversity, inclusion and a sense of community.
  • Quality, best practice and affordable services.
  • Members, staff, volunteers and stakeholders.

Playgroup Charter

The Playgroup Charter was developed to ensure that a positive atmosphere is promoted at playgroup.

The Charter is:

  • Our Playgroup will be:
    • Welcoming and Friendly.
    • A Safe Place.
    • Co-operative and Caring.
    • A Team Effort.
    • Supportive and Respectful.