Attending Playgroup offers children the best start in life and a safe environment to begin the journey for your child to be a life long learner. Research shows 82.4% of children who attended Playgroup prior to school were adapting well to the structure and learning environment of the school compared with 70% of children who had not attended Playgroups.


Family Enrolment

Everyone who attends a Registered Playgroup is required to pay the Family Enrolment Fee. Once enrolled you become a Playgroup SA member. This low-cost enrolment allows families to enjoy all the member services of Playgroup SA including individual Playgroup insurance cover. New members can enjoy two weeks of attending Playgroup as a trial before they are required to pay the Family Enrolment Fee.

It’s easy to become a enrol. Simply complete the Family Enrolment Form and pay the appropriate fee to Playgroup SA.

A Family Enrolment also entitles families to attend other Registered Playgroups. There’s no limit to how many Playgroups you can attend.

Full Year Enrolments are valid from January to December each year

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Cost of Family Enrolment

12 months (Jan-Dec) Family Enrolment   
Early Bird Discount (ending 16/03) $28
Full Fee $40
Concession Card Holders $20
6 months Family Enrolment  
(School Term 1&2, 2&3 or 3&4) $25
3 month Family Enrolment  
(School Term 1, 2, 3 or 4) $15

Contact Playgroup SA on free call 1800 171 882 for more info.


Enrolment Benefits

Family Enrolment Benefits include:

  • Attendance at registered Playgroup SA Playgroups.
  • Monthly activity booklets.
  • Discounted entry to Playgroup SA events, including Playgroup at the Zoo.
  • Discounted professional learning.
  • Quarterly ePlay News.
  • Opportunities to attend exclusive Playgroup events.
  • Access to support from the Playgroup SA Community Impact Team via phone, email or in person.   
  • Personal Accident and Injury Insurance.

Gold Enrolment Benefits

You can choose to take advantage of Gold Enrolmentat at one annual price of $50. Gold enrolments allow you to access these additional benefits:

Free Safe Environments for Children and Young People Training (formerly Child Safe Environment training) is provided FREE for families with Gold Enrolment.

Online Training: Learning modules including Running a Playgroup, Inclusive Playgroup Environments, Child Development and Play (coming February 2020).