PlayConnect Playgroups

PlayConnect Playgroups are part of the Australian Government’s $190 million Helping Children with Autism package which provides support and services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Families are very much involved with planning and running the PlayConnect Playgroup sessions.

PlayConnect Playgroups offer play activities suited to the needs of children aged 0-6 years with ASD or ASD like characteristics but are not early intervention therapy. Siblings and other family members are welcome to attend. Families have the opportunity to learn more about the early intervention services funded under the Australian Government's 'Helping Children with Autism' package.

PlayConnect is a fun and intimate Playgroup, facilitated weekly for children and their families who are experiencing developmental differences, including (but not limited to) children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or ASD like characteristics.

A diagnosis is not required for families to attend.

Come along to one of the following PlayConnect Playgroups and have fun, connect with other families and gain support and ideas from people in similar situations, find information on ASD, ASD resources and enjoy specific quality play experiences.

PlayConnect Playgroups are FREE to attend.

Attending a PlayConnect playgroup is a great way for families to create a support network.

PlayConnect Playgroups in South Australia

PlayConnect Mount Gambier

Mondays from 10am to 12pm
(School Term Only)
Inclusive Directions
Melaleuca School, Hub Building, Boandik Terrace, Mt Gambier


Rachael from Playgroup SA
1800 171 882

Nicky, PlayConnect Development Worker
0409 448 691

PlayConnect Renown Park

Mondays from 10.30am to 12.15pm
(School Term Only)
Renown Park Children's Centre
11-17 Napier Street, Renown Park


Rachael from Playgroup SA
1800 171 882

Tracy, PlayConnect Development Worker
0407 197415

For more information

Visit the Australian Government's website to find out more about the Helping Children with Autism package

Supported Playgroups

Supported Playgroups are facilitated by a paid worker or volunteer and target families with high needs. Support organisations start these Playgroups to engage with specific families in the community. Supported Playgroups play an important role in building social support networks as well as giving children opportunities to participate in quality play at a critical time in their development. Supported Playgroups link families into services like Child & Youth Health Centres and Kindergarten.

There are two main types of supported playgroups:

  • Transition model
    • The facilitator gradually withdraws support as the Playgroup is established and families are able to run the Playgroup independently or join another local community Playgroup.
  • Continuing model
    • Families are referred to the Playgroup and remain until they are ready to move on, making room for new families to join.

Benefits of Supported Playgroups include:

  • Families are given personalised support by a trained facilitator.
  • Families are referred to other support services.
  • Playgroups are often funded and are low or no cost to families.
  • Parents and caregivers build relationships with families who share similar circumstances.

Supported Playgroups in South Australia

Hendon Supported Playgroup

Fridays from 9;00am to 11;00am
(School Term Only)
OSHC Building, Hendon Primary School
Risley Avenue Entrance, Royal Park


Rachael from Playgroup SA
1800 171 882

Findon Supported Playgroup

Tuesday from 9;15am to 11.00am
(School Term Only)
Findon Community Centre
222 Findon Road, Findon


Rachael from Playgroup SA
1800 171 882

Angle Vale Supported Playgroup

Monday from 9;15am to 11.00am
(School Term Only)
Angle Vale Kindergarten
45 Fradd E Road, Angle Vale


Alicia from Playgroup SA
1800 171 882

Every Body Play 

Every Body Play is a supported Playgroup (run by a paid facilitator), which aims to provide safe, accepting and inclusive play opportunities for children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. All families are welcome to attend; however the focus is on providing support to children and families who have developmental delays or disabilities.

The Playgroup is a small Playgroup with low stimuli so it is not too overwhelming. There is a range of activities provided and children are free to follow their interests. There is a quiet area provided as well as visual supports.

Come along to Every Body Play to have fun, connect with other families and gain support from people in similar situations, and find information on other relevant services. Every Body Play is FREE to attend.

Every Body Playgroup

Mondays from 10.30am to 11.30am
(School Term Only)
Community Room 2, The Parks Library
46 Trafford Street, Angle Park


Jemima from Playgroup SA
1800 171 882

For more information

Please contact Jemima on or 1800 171 882.

Every Body Play is supported by North West Adelaide Communities for Children.

Communities for Children. is funded by the Australia Government Department of Social Services