The Playgroup SA Community Impact Team are always available to assist with your Playgroup!

Call us on free call 1800 171 882 to organise a visit to your Playgroup.

We’re available to offer support, visit your playgroup or have a phone conversation to:

  • Assist in starting a new playgroup.
  • Support new playgroup coordinators when taking over an existing playgroup.
  • Provide resources, activities and/or ideas to assist in the set-up and general running of your playgroup.
  • Answer all of your questions around enrolment, insurance, play spaces, playgroup activities, safety and more.
  • Support your local community to establish a place-based initiative. 
  • Provide encouragement, support and advice.
  • Role model how to run a particular activity or music session.
  • Run playgroup workshops such as coordinate and play and childsafe environments.
  • Assist in writing policies and procedures.
  • Provide support and guidance with the preparation of grant submissions. Playgroup SA may also auspice grants in line with our grants policy.
  • Develop and tailor resources to the needs of your playgroup.
  • From time to time, disputes may arise within a playgroup, Playgroup SA can assist in resolving any such issues.

We do our best to ensure that your playgroup receives the support that it needs.